How to keep safe a hotmail account

How to keep safe a hotmail account

Hot mail is one of the older web based email. It is owned by Microsoft. Initially it was named as hotmail and later it rebranded to windows live hotmail.  Hot mail establishes in the year 1995. Hot mail available in 36 variant languages. Most of the people preferred to use hotmail, because of its in-built specialty of spam control and virus protection. It offered good service than its competent gmail. It is highlighted with various unique features such as privacy, active filtering of incoming emails, office web application integration, simple registration, Skype integration etc. Excluding all these hotmail/ outlook offered a good customer care support namely hotmail technical support. Every users struggle with a wide range of issues may be it’s an issue related to sign-in or an issue related to hacking or loosing of significant data. Whatever, users need a skillful technician to resolve the issue in an effective way. That is the reason why hotmail technical support is there. Users can contact them through the hotmail toll-free telephone number.

Here we are describing how to keep a hotmail account to be secure? What are the tips and tricks to be followed? How to secure the hot mail password and mails?  How to recover the lost data’s in hotmail? Etc. We expect that this article would be helpful to the all users in the hotmail platform.

Secure your email with a good password/ email id

Never use a weak dictionary password /email id. This type of weak passwords lead your hotmail account linked into a hazardous platform. Think wisely before fixing it.


·         Do Use a single independent password for hotmail  

·         Change your password once in a three month or periodically. This will increase the safety of your hotmail account.

·         Check the password before fixing it. Always try to include some numerical and alphabets in your hot mail password. Confirm the password strength before fixing it.

·         Keep an updated antivirus always. This will helps you to protect your system as well as email. Antivirus gives a real time protection from an antivirus and emails

·         Contact hotmail technical support in case of any trouble and report your issue. They will rectify the issue associated with your hotmail account and cure it efficiently.

·         Try to configure the two step verification in case you are really seeking for. This will increase your safety and security

·         Always sign-out from the account before exiting



·         Never strike on the auto sign-in option, unless you are the regular user of that system/ mobile.

·         Never ever try to share your password share your hotmail password to any one even if they are your close relatives too. In case you  done it by mistake means change your password immediately

·         Never use a dictionary password to protect your gmail examples like (admn123, 123456) etc 


Use email wisely

A wise use of email helps you to stay there for a long time. Subscribe with your email in trusted websites. Never display your email id anywhere. For promotions and various services use an independent hotmail account. Never reply to an email from a stranger. Think wise before replaying to that.  Because in this digitally connected world there are many ways to hack your email id and steal your data’s. Beware of cyber criminals, in case of any assistance contact hotmail technical support numberFor more info Visit