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Discovering the Intriguing Titania of Uranus Titania Facts and InformationTitania of Uranus was discovered in 1787 by William Herschel, a British astronomer who also discovered the second largest moon of Uranus, Oberon. Due to the distance of the objects, his discovery was only confirmed almost fifty years later. giuseppe zanotti design At that time, he also claimed to have discovered other Uranian moons as well. The rest of Uranus' moons also took their names from characters of Shakespeare and Alexander Pope plays.

For more information on their naming visit this article: "The Literary Moons of Uranus"Titania is giuseppe zanotti women sandals the eighth largest moon in the Solar System. It is believed that it was formed from a gas and dust nebula that surrounded Uranus during the early stages of its life. The accretion of matter probably lasted thousands of years and the extreme impacts and stresses led to the fractured moon surface and the deep canyons. This shaping may have lasted millions of years, although little is known regarding the formation and evolution of the moon. giuseppe zanotti women moccasins

Titania mainly consists of water ice (50%), rock (30%) and smaller amounts of methane and cheap giuseppe zanotti women sneakers other heavy organic compounds (20%) This composition is quite unusual since most of the moons that belong to the outer planets are made up of ice. The interior is thought to consist of a rocky core surrounded by a water layer, like an underground sea or ocean. Its composition is similar to other Uranian moons such as Ariel, although much larger.

Regarding its surface, the main features are the numerous small craters, long rifts and deep valleys. Some of these valleys are up to 1,500 long and their walls seem to reflect sunlight to a large degree thus contributing to Titania's brightness. Another factor that may affect its brightness is the possibility of frost giuseppe zanotti design outlet deposits existing on the surface.

Since carbon dioxide is present on the surface, there is a chance that giuseppe zanotti women pump for salea seasonal carbon dioxide atmosphere occurs due to temperature and pressure fluctuations. Other gases such as nitrogen and methane are less likely to exist due to the moon's Giuseppe Zanotti low gravity.