The History Behind Viral Internet Memes

 Memes are the most humorous posts that are found on the internet. Most of the memes have some originating stories that are as humorous as the meme itself. There are different types of memes that are found on the internet. It could be anything from a photo of a simple cat with a funny caption to a video that imitates millions of people. The important thing to remember while creating a meme is to make sure that they are funny to everyone. Memes have slowly become one of the funniest materials on the internet. 


How a Meme Start


 Once a meme is being created most of the members of that particular blog or forum will share the meme to their friends who are not a member. This is how any meme gathers momentum and any meme that is humorous will gain lot of attention by sharing from people to people. Over a specified period of time the meme will spread from people to people with the help of internet as a virus. 


Photo Memes


 Photographic memes are the most popular form of memes found on the internet. There are many photo memes that use the USENET system while creating one. A photographic meme is done by  using a photo and putting  in a humorous text which might be related to the photo or not. Pictures of cat and other kind of animals are mostly used for this type of memes. Also, you will find photo memes on the internet with an image from a movie or some sports occasion and definitely with a humorous caption. Also, there are many memes on this section that are found without any caption.  When a certain website creates a meme with just a photo that is common to them and is left that way to have a humorous effect on its own merit, this happens.  


Text Memes


This is a kind of meme that does not depend on any kind of multimedia for them to be created or to get known. This is also the oldest form of meme and is more common. Most often these kinds of memes are not for everyone and are made to attract just a certain number of audience and a certain type of audience.


 Memes are also used to market a certain product and is found out the most effective way of marketing or branding. When it comes to memes they are noting but one single photo with a humorous text used to market a certain product. 


 As mentioned above funny animal memes are the most common form of memes and it also attracts a large audience compared to other kind of memes. There are many websites dedicated to meme lovers which allows you to submit your best meme and also lets you know about the most popular meme faces that are being used right now. There are many community for meme lovers where you can find regular meme community updates. At the same time there are also many community for meme generators that can be used by anyone. 

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