Wonder X2 coming back a 13000000 mega-pixel digicam,

   Wonder X2 coming back a 13000000 mega-pixel digicam, although there is no choose up on the P8 RGBW indication, but the variety of SLR electronic cameras used personal ISP, having the meziu mx5 reiviewextensive marketing details like 2.5 expert picture handling motor. And it also bring the huawei P8 seriously recommended gleamed on the shutter, and assistance time-lapse electronic photography. Particular we can create example to see the picture efficiency.
   During the day a example of some slants amazing tonal, sharpness looking for, so we see the example picture is a excellent color duplication, but the picture of a little bit daub, later to be enhanced. meizu mx 5But wonder X2 did well in macro part, it is the coming back lens has a huge aperture F / 2.0, so we can see the example along with the qualifications of the excellent. Huawei respect the X2 evening images or more sensation (like with unique effects), though its disturbance management is common, but the glare management is better. Just like some during the day, if improve some sharpness, less daub is sensation better. But the cell cellphone could have such a evening still useful.  Although EMUI edition 3.0 can let wonder X2 was at the films simultaneously, divided display more meizu mx5process to do some other factors, but huawei P8max increased program stage on scenery design marketing design and the one part, the wonder of the 7 inches extensive wide X2 is also need.