Rainbow has colors but E Cigarette gives you flavors

Life with colors is happy go lucky because it goes with flow easily. When it comes to old regular cigarette one can only remember that tobacco flavor but now smokers have alternative. Yes, E cigarette gives the opportunity to smoke number of flavor. E cigarette is divided into two parts. E-liquid is the substance which provides the flavor to E cigarette.V2Cigs is a one such company which provides you around 18 flavors.

E liquid is divided into three main categories which are further sub divided. The main three categories are Tobacco, Menthol and Special flavor like coffee or chocolate. Tobacco flavor is just like the old cigarette has. Its target is to attract all those who smoke cigarette a bit frequently menthol electronic cigarette. Tobacco has three sub categories like American tobacco, Turkish tobacco and refined tobacco. Second category is especially for all those who are cool, by that I mean those who love cool sensations. Its sub divided as Refreshing mint which just a menthol flavor e liquids uk, Sweet mint has pepper mint flavor and smooth & refreshing gives a flavor of mixture of green tea & menthol. Last category is special flavors.

Just like the rainbow shows us 7 basic colors, E cigarette by V2Cigs gives us opportunity to try as much 18 single flavors or in some brands the users even get the benefit to create something from their choice by mixing different flavor.

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