To expand the properties of functional fibers for Wuxi meijifibres

There is a new starting point for China fiber supplier, because functional fibers have presented sound momentum and steady growth, which form the leading part in the fabric industry.


Wuxi meijifibres is a professional producer which has concentrated on the research and manufacturing of various fibers, like aloe fiber, milk fiber, bamboo fiber and the like. A distinct advantage has been shown in the industry, which is the reason for stable cooperation relationships with old and new consumers. Taking functional fiber products as the core products, the influence of this company has constantly increased. On the basis of the integration of their own resources, new achievements have been made in technological creation, product innovation and brand differentiation strategy with the increase of investment.


Product transition from seller’s market to the buyer’s, the textile industry needs time to adjust its strategy in order to obtain better opportunities for development. High quality cool jade fiber has been the reliable fiber for the production of clothes in the garment industry. If you are looking for functional fibers, this company is worth cooperating.