New development theory of LED road lighting

Energy crisis and the deteriorating global ecological environment give the choice that we have to effective conservation and rational use of resources, including energy. Now I think LED light supplier china can give us the way to solve this kind of trouble at some extent.


Era is in the development with more and more roads. It takes off on a road lighting power which accounts for about 30% of global lighting electricity consumption. Therefore, in order to ease the power shortage and reduce energy consumption, it is necessary to promote the use of green light. Now domestic road lighting with LED light source more and more, the original source of road lighting will also have to replace the LED, the construction of roads and works most of the use of the LED light source. Energy saving, long life LED lights Lanpu lighting gradually into people's vision, especially the tube light from T8 LED tube light suppliers. Poor lighting Lanpu LED lights will use very little energy in order to achieve the best lighting effect, which will greatly save on street lighting energy required. In road lighting, replacement of damaged street is a major economic cost, while the blue LED lights general have long life advantages, long-term use, without replacement. LED street lighting time theory up to 100,000 hours, it is several times the ordinary incandescent lamp, which is more for the use of LED lighting on the road to win the advantage.


It seems like I am doing some work for the company of Lanpu. Actually, I have bought some products from this company and I think the products are very good. Now I will go to buy LED flexible light strip for use.