Mitsubishi Electronics CM1200HB-66H Isolated-Gate Bipolar Transistor Module

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Mitsubishi CM1200HB-66H is the isolated-gate bipolar transistor you need for all your high voltage, high current electronic equipments!


This Mitsubishi power transistor has a high collector current of 1200A and a collector emitter voltage of 3300V, making it the best option for large-sized industrial machines such as subway trams and trains. Though weighing a little less than 5 lbs., it has strong insulation, to protect it from overheating, short circuit, over voltage and under current.


So if you are after precision, speed and performance without the risks of over temperature and minimizing overheating of applications, then CM1200HB-66H is the right isolated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) for you.