its me

ok this is a first so please be kind ,,, so here i am in campus trying to huddle through life it aint easy but its worth it .I spend most of my campus life trying to make memories and i cant complain so far so good .i know that it has its ups and downs but for a typicall campus girl it aint bad . So many descisions have been made during my first year some regretable some i just smile when i think about them though i cant say that in Masinde muliro life is a silver platter but all in all its worth it .So having said that am sure  you must be thinking that am the avarage diva one who has all she wants and to tell the truth am realy far from it cause it is very challenging having to cope up with all the changes that campus comes with incuding change in education system , handling my own finances, relationships and all other things. its very odd and new to me so i actually like to take it one at a time just one day at a time no hurry so that i dont get to cry at the end of the day and i keep remembering that todays choices affect our life later especially in campus that doesnt mean  am perfect far from that my life has prove to be an oxymoron of  perfect so i live one day and regret my mistakes but i also move on and learn from them ,,,,,,,,adios amigos