Five costly remodeling mistakes to watch out for

Five costly remodeling mistakes to watch out for

Making mistakes is the name of the game when it comes to home remodeling. There always bumps along the way. But some mistakes are bigger than others, some will cost you twenty bucks or an hour of your time and others can cost you thousands and several days. So while you can expect to make a few mistakes when remodeling, just make sure it’s not one of the following five:


Doing projects out of order


Some remodeling projects can be done in any order, others require a set sequence. For those projects that need to take place in a certain order, going out of order can be very costly. Many homeowners have invested thousands to revamp their landscaping one summer, only to have to redo it the following year when they decide to install a backyard deck. Be forward thinking when planning a remodel. Are there future projects you want to tackle that will render current projects obsolete? Planning ahead can save you thousands.


Going way over budget


Though it’s pretty normal for a remodeling project to go over budget—there are always unforeseen setbacks—going way over budget is the result of failing to plan. If a homeowner jumps right into a home remodeling project without carefully planning out the project on paper first, the anticipated costs can quickly become dwarfed by actual costs. Some homeowners run out of money and have to abandon a remodeling project when it’s half finished. To avoid this mistake, set a realistic and firm budget. Plan on an extra 10% more than you anticipate spending.


Demolishing too soon


Homeowners make the mistake of demolishing too soon when they’re overly excited to begin their remodeling project. It’s understandable if you absolutely hate your kitchen and spend every night envisioning your new one. But no matter how anxious you are to get started, resist the temptation to start gutting the offending room too soon. At best, you’ll be forced to live in a construction zone longer than you needed to. At worst, you’ll tear down walls that you learn later you could have spared.




If you’re already in your dream home and have no plans on selling, you can ignore this warning and move onto the next one. But more likely, you’re planning to sell eventually. You may even be remodeling with the intent of getting your home ready for the real estate market. If that’s the case, you’ll need to take great care not to overbuild. If you try to do too much remodeling, you’ll end up having to foot the costs yourself. When homeowners overbuild when remodeling, they are forced to price their home higher than people are willing to pay in order to try to recoup costs. Ultimately, the best offer is still well short of being able to reimburse the owner for remodeling costs.


Failing to stay involved


When the remodeling project gets underway and your home becomes a construction zone, it’s tempting to spend as much time as possible outside of your home. This problem is compounded if you’re not even living in the home that you’re having remodeled. The problem with this is that you’re not seeing the project as it unfolds. This could end with you being dissatisfied with the final project. Instead of waiting until the project is finished to see what you don’t like about it, stay involved during the project. If you aren’t living in the home you’re remodeling, try to stop by at least once a day to see how things are going.


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