so think of this scenario just finished high school got a good grade just enrolled in campus is my tommorow realy in my plans ,does my actions now realy matter or affect my tommorow .Ok to be perfectlly honest i dont think that am really intrested my here and now is what is my  priority i want to live for today and make memories .i dont think that when i wake up every morning that ,y tommorow is what i thimk about cause realy av just turned 18 whatever my dad was telling me about my future i have just forgotten and am foccusing on my new found freedom .But just as i do that i halt for a moment and reflect i got to know that i can not keep on living as a teen all my life ,time is moving on and its waiting for no man all i can domis hope that in all my endevours i should thank God for today and hope that i do not affect my tommorow negatively .I dont want to be uptight but also being loose is not in my priorities cause am sure that my today will affect my tommorow .SO HELP ME GOD .Cause life is achallage everday is ahudddle that we cross bridges are there to help us to cross the rivers that hinder our success .