Fuji Electric 6MBI15LS-060 Power Transistor Module

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Fuji Electric 6MBI15LS-060 is the power transistor for an all around UPS! It is manufactured by no less than Fuji, the household name in the world of power transistor modules.  6MBI15LS-060 has high-speed switching, low saturation voltage and works terrific even with high ambient temperature.


6MBI15LS-060 is the solution to power fluctuations and outages. This device protects your computer, equipment or just about any machinery from voltage spikes, surges and dips during power cut off. No need to worry about your electrical equipment being damaged! 6MBI15LS-060 promises good and stable power supply so you can stay connected the whole time even when the rest of the city is on blackout.


6MBI15LS-060 makes your UPS run smoothly to deliver better performance and reliability. It is your trusted partner for any type of UPS!