Tips to Getting the Best Out of Layby

Tips to Getting the Best Out of Layby

Buying goods on layby is becoming popular. Nowadays, people are purchasing essential goods from the internet using this simple and efficient mode of buying goods. For most people who are buying goods, not only from the internet, but also on lay-by for the first time, the process can be intimidating

This article will help you overcome the doubts by highlighting some of the most important tips that you should know before getting into any layby agreement. The tips may seem simple, but many people who ignore them have paid the bitter price later. You should not be one of the fools who learn from their mistake rather be a wise person and learn from the mistakes of others.

Ensure there is a written agreement

The first tip is always to ensure that there is a written agreement. Many people ignore this tip and are scammed later. You should agree with me that it is nearly impossible to prove a verbal agreement especially if there were no witnesses. Because you may not have a witness when you are buying your goods online on layby, it is only prudent that you get a written agreement.

When I told my wife this, she wondered how she would get a copy of the agreement. Well, it is simple; let the store management email a copy to you if they do not have a downloadable one on their site.

Read the agreement carefully                              

Another mistake many people make is not reading the layby agreement carefully. They trust the dealers so much, or the agreement is a large one to read. You should a smart person and read the agreement carefully. This way you will learn details such as cancellation procedure and fee if it applies, the terms and conditions of the instalments, delivery procedure among other important details.

You should also retain a copy of the agreement once you agree to the terms and conditions of the lay-by agreement. The copy will act as vital evidence in case you run into problems regarding the agreement with the business. You can consult an expert if you feel that you do not understand any part of the agreement.

Read the policy

Many people read the agreement and stop at that point. Well, smart buyers also read the online store website policy to learn more. The terms and condition and the disclaimers will contain extra information that may not be included in the agreement.


Do not jump into an online layby deal because it seems efficient to you. You should always research on the reputation and the experience of the different online store that you may consider. Read what other customers are saying and believe me you that reviews do not lie. You may also consult other customers who have used the services and hear what they have to say.

How to solve layby agreement disputes

Now you have most of the basic essentials. Now you should have an idea of how to resolve any arising layby agreement dispute. It is advisable to try to solve the problem with the business before consulting an outside party. Simple misunderstanding causes most of the time disputes.