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What is Sleep Apnea?Obstructive sleep apnea can be a condition that affects millions of Americans each night. Doctors truly haven't any method of diagnosing this condition when you might be sitting in the doctor's office. Over the counter sleeping aids work to treat insomnia, however, many of which you don't want to strictly depend on for that long-term.

In addition towards the machine, you will find a variety of dental devices if your illness is really a milder or more moderate form. The one key difference between a grownup along with a child, the kid with sleep apnea which pills can help you sleep won't grow as quickly plus they don't fall asleep during the afternoon (no matter how hard you try). Medication is not generally used for this illness because the treatments have only had limited success.

People born with relatively smaller windpipes are weaker to sleep apnea compared to those born with bigger ones.