Best Practices to Stop and Recover From a DDoS Attack

Although DDoS attacks can be very devastating there is still a lot you can do about it. Here it is very important to understand that standalone solutions aren’t enough, at least at the current stage of technology. If you want to execute ample DDoS mitigation, what you need to do is stay vigilante and never remove the human factor from the equation, as this mistake could lead to a fortune going down the drain. Let’s take a look at some of the best practices which can be employed to minimize the damage of these attacks.

Don’t rely on a single solution

The first step to success is recognizing that your firewall alone is insufficient against the DDoS attacks of today. The sooner you realize this the better actions you can take to mitigate the impact of the attack.

Integrate DDoS mitigation into your Business Continuity Plan

It is very much possible that your company has contingency and disaster recovery plans which outline the steps and procedures to be executed in case of an outage or an attack. You need to include procedures for effective mitigation of DDoS attacks in this plan which will help in minimizing the response delay and help ensure that your products and services are being delivered at optimal efficiency.

Educate yourself

If you don’t even know when you are under an attack, how are you going to react appropriately? That said, not all delays and downtimes point towards an attack. Some indications of an active DDoS attack are as follows:

-          No access any specific website

-          Unavailability of the website altogether

-          Sharp increase in the number of received spam

-          Exceedingly slow network performance

Know Your Users

Most of the times a company has limited geographically constrained market. That said, if you begin receiving traffic from outside your target or your market, be very cautious as it could very well be an attempt to comprise your system.

Measure the impact of being offline for a set time period

How much is it going to cost you if no transactions occur over the next couple of hours? The cost varies from company to company. Calculating the financial impact would be a great justification for the cost of DDoS mitigation services in front of the executives.

Look for breaches and other criminal activity on your network

Most of the times DDoS attacks are executed in order to cover up any other malicious activity going on in the background. Many experts of today already agree to this statement and they even include data breaches and financial fraud.

Who You Gonna Call? DDoS-Busters!!!

If you don’t have any DDoS protection solutions set up, then you should know exactly who to contact when under attack. It is very much practical to explore the DDoS mitigation services in the market and making the decision as to which vendor is suitable to contact in case of an emergency. It is pretty much like choosing a doctor beforehand to save time in case of emergencies.

The number of DDoS attacks carried out is increasing with each passing day, nobody is safe. Which is why it is very important for organizations to have a plan to mitigate the impact of the attacks.