Why is it so harsh in India?

Why do you think India is different from other countries?..indeed it has a contrastingly different culture and diversity, people are of different ethinicity,caste,creed etc. In fact the number of languages we speak..sometimes it becomes difficult for a common North guy to communicate with someone who lives in North East or South or South West..but regardless of all this what makes us different is our Education System!!  

So the story goes like this ....If u are in 7th standard or 8th standard and by virtue of your hard work ..you have secured more than 90% in your exams... My friend u have already fallen into the trap..from now on you cant live your dreams because now you are only expected to become a Doctor or an Engineer..your fate is sealed ....Now you are on the way to hell !!! ...from now on your worth will be measured on the basis of your rank in a competitive exam like JEE or AIPMT.

That is just the beginning...the real drama starts now..Now u also think that u can crack it..U start putting in all your efforts..you tend to think about other things as mere distraction...just like the afterparty which starts after u have prepared for ur exams for 1-2 years ...distractions start creeping in..Your wisdom radius has truly expanded but still u are a human being..dont know why but opening up facebook might seem more interesting to u just few days before the exam..u would want to watch TV..and fact check :TV shows more interesting stuff when u are about to give ur exams..its like everything in this universe is on a mission to distract u in whatever way possible...Electrostatics seems boring and Name Reactions look ugly..Complex Numbers become much more complicated and Rotational Mechanics makes u dizzy..U want to watch one more movie and studies go to the back seat..Why is this happening just few days before the most important exam of your life?......

Competition is good but such Education system which extracts your soul and energy from top to bottom can never make u enjoy what u do...You dont fear the Lakhs of people who sat for that particular exam that day ..you fear that u might fail the expectations of this so called  'Society' of ours...What we need to do is as transparent as it could be..Change this system ..Dont let the system vanish the beauty of talent flourishing on its own..For God's Sake its not a puppet show.

I will keep writing on such cultural trends ..Need your love and support ..Thank You

                                                                                                                        - Prakhar Tripathi