The way to establish the print out of the LED display is actually a excellent factor?

LED(EN12966), light emitting diode (lightemittingdiode abbreviation). It truly is a procedure by controlling the semiconductor light-emitting diode display, the gallium (Ga) and arsenic (As), phosphorus (P), nitrogen (N), diodes made from compound indium (In), when the electron and hole When the composite can radiate visible light, which could be utilized for making light-emitting diodes. Within the circuit and products as lights, or the composition of text or numeric show. GaAsP diode emitting red light, green light emitting diode gallium phosphide, silicon carbide diode yellow light, indium gallium nitride diode emits blue light.


 Production printing corporations for that monitoring and determination of the completed solution has its personal label, 3 smaller series summed up for everyone to share:


 1. To be able to ensure viewing comfort, consumers from the invest in of a modest pitch LED merchandise would be the brightness on the challenge of major concern. In regular LED (variable message sign )show technologies, the screen brightness will lower reduction of gray, and also the loss of gray will right influence the picture high-quality, which is colorful sufficient.


 two. Compact pitch LED display in order to accomplish the most beneficial visual result, very best line of sight, the user can execute uncomplicated calculations, there's an established formula that ideal viewing distance = spacing /0.3~0.8.


 3. For compact pitch LED(led traffic sign) show, the smaller sized the dot pitch, the increased the resolution, the greater the clarity in the display, but in practice, experienced users choose to create the most effective modest pitch LED show program, Comply with Screen resolution itself, it need to also think about the match with back-end signal transmission items.