Application of Water soluble PVA fiber in textile field

Water soluble polyvinyl alcohol fiber can be dissolved in water or water slow hydrolysis of water-soluble molecules (or compound) fibers, is a very valuable function of differential fiber. With textile weaving: water soluble PVA fiber as fiber blended with other fibers in the Middle, after processing by the textile dissolved Water soluble PVA fiber high grade textile products. In theory, Water soluble PVA fiber can be applied to any yarn system, defines its role as improving fiber spinning and weaving of more appropriate. Being used with spun can solve the twin problems of raw materials resources and price constraints. Doesn't need to be emphasized with the fineness of the wool, coarse wool, spun wool fabric of higher value, and increase the space between the fibers of wool, wool fabrics light, soft, and more fluffy and warmth. Water soluble PVA fiber and nylon, polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene, Composite fibers, processed by stretching, and then washing the PVA, you can get the 0.1dtex Microfiber. Just choose the appropriate mixing ratio can produce any size Microfiber. embroidery fabric mainly used as embroidery of apparel industry at the end of the matrix material, separate embroidery can be used with other fabric lining. At the end of fabric made from non-woven cloth, embroidered pattern required, Water soluble PVA fiber components, the fabric will have beautiful designs. Water-soluble nonwoven embroidery after removing system must lace, bring a breakthrough development for traditional lace manufacturing.


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