CM200DY-12H IGBT Transistor Module - Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor

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CM200DY-12H is a perfect IGBT transistor module, designed to boost the power of AC motors. Manufactured by Mitsubishi, it has the ability to generate 200A of collector current and 600V of collector emitter voltage.


Mitsubishi CM200DY-12H is an excellent transistor module for high power switching applications like AC motors. It has its own super fast recovery freewheeling diode to help get rid of flybacks, especially during an induction loading process.


CM200DY-12H has interconnects and components which are all isolated from the heat sinking baseplate. This allows the device to have better thermal management and a simplified system assembly.


CM200DY-12H has low VCE(sat) and low drive power to improve its efficiency. Moreover, it has a strong module construction that allows itself to fully function even on extreme temperatures. With all these features, your AC motors will surely be better than ever!