Iphone 6 comparing with other mobile phones

Apple iPhone6 larger screen, more powerful, with high-quality iphone replacement parts it was released to get good sales, occupy a very Duo Anzhuo phone system market.

That's why we put it to meet the Samsung Galaxy Alpha and Sony Xperia Z3 compact. It will have a tough job, because Samsung and Sony really upped their game on their latest flagship compact.

Samsung Android smartphone Galaxy Alpha is the company's first metal cladding and its 4.7 "720p screen size is the same iPhone 6 lcd, but not very sharp -. 326 PPI 312 PPI favor with the iPhone is different, Of course insignificant,

All three smartphones are very thin, but the Galaxy is the thinnest group Alpha. It is 0.2 mm in 6.7 mm than iPhone61.2 millimeter thicker than the Sony Xperia Z3 compact. It is also the lightest 119 g.

The above three phones have their own advantages, so what is your choice be?