High efficient packaging solutions

High efficient packaging solutions

  A range of versatile and innovative of packaging solution designed for you and your needs. We at nor cal crating, provides number of advanced and high quality packaging solution for you. We have made easier for you to choose the right package for your requirement. We offer a range of flexible packaging option that meet your expectation. Our customer wants packaging that really stands top spot in the business market. Capable of producing excellent metal packaging with excellent word of mouth are some of our achievements. We therefore strive to deliver better efficiency of products that are rich in quality and excellent production value. Our product range offers excellent performance, high quality and highest productivity in term of revenue and profit. We manufacture and export a range of food processing plant, packaging and other equipment. Our offering includes food processing, packaging of food and cosmetic products.

We are a top packaging company as per as our production value is concerned. With high ratio of success we are emerged as a top ranked packaging company when it comes to delivering high quality package solution. NOR CAL CRATING is providing excellent service in packaging, crating and shipping. We offer services in packing, shipping services to aerospace, military, antique, art and entertainment.

 Vacuum packing is the automatic process of vacuuming, sealing, and printing, cooling which is used for food, pharmaceutical and electronic industries. We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of sealing machine such as filament tape, hot air gun, vacuum packing and many more items.

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