Empower Ugandan children to escape poverty through community-based self-help programs that improve health, expand education as they develop their skills in soccer and spiritual growth. SPORTS EQUIPMENT You may make a donation to African Soccer Talent by giving any sports equipment . It can be t-shirts, books,bibles, balls soccer boots or money . If you wish to designate one or more member organizations, please check out our donation information. Please mail checks, payable to: African soccer Talent PO Box 373 Kyotera- RAKAI -Uganda Our ministry friends from East Africa can also send their Donations to African Soccer Talent Academy through: Mobile Money Transfer: Numbers +256772 981471 or 256757230994(Uganda) African soccer talent academy also participates in corporate workplace-giving campaigns. If your company would like to receive information about including our ministry in your workplace-giving program, please email us at [email protected] or [email protected] and include Workplace Giving in the subject line. We are willing to work with you as a partner for the glory of our farther God as we together transform lives in Africa.