Reseller Hosting


The third plan that is on the list is known as the advanced package which just like its name offers more advanced options along with other services that are on offer with all of the other packages as well. The number of email accounts that this package offers is 20 and the amount of disk space being improved to a whopping 5000 MB. All of this is on offer for just USD 3.99. This plan like the others, also offers the same benefits that all the other three packages offer except for the number of email accounts and the amount of disk space, which varies according to the selected plan.

The final plan that takes care of all the needs of any kind of user on the whole internet or in the whole world is named as the dedicated hosting package. This package is the mega package that addresses the humungous needs of clients like ecommerce website owners or other clients that need this size of hosting package. This package offers an unlimited number of email accounts and also an unlimited amount of disk space, so that all your needs are addressed with this mega package and you are added to the list of our satisfied clients.

Other benefits that are on offer with varying amounts of disk space and number of email accounts with different packages include backup and web-based e-mails, Apache server, Control Panel and one free domain name. So if you are still on the lookout for a cheap hosting provider in the world, you need to be at a halt and think about giving us a chance to cater your business needs. We call out for nothing less than satisfaction. We do not sit with ease until and unless our customers are happy with our work and give us a thumbs-up that they are doing great by offering our services.

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