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Many providers do not permit bots, clients or daemons collectively known as IRC. This is because of IRC users activating attacks in opposition to the provider, which possibly will engulf their networks, worsening service value for all clients. Adult content is barred by many providers as it may be of doubtful legitimacy or eat up huge amounts of bandwidth. Hosting copyrighted matter of which a person has not the copyright ownership to be in opposition to the conditions of service of the majority of hosting companies. We, on the other hand, are not so strict in all these matters and may well allow our customers to host all of the content that many of the other providers usually don’t allow on their systems. This distinguishes us from the others in a unique way.

We offer all services with excellent quality at a reasonable price and yet are lenient in all these matters. This may require our consent before you start using all these services or in other words, you are supposed to inform us in advance that we need to use all these services and we will definitely look into the matter and figure out what could be done in that regard.

There are a few basic questions that you may need to ask yourself before you pick hosting provider. What is the area and expertise of my project? How long would I need it? What services do I need to get? Are the servers supposed to be utilized for myself or my clients? Answer all these questions and then decide from our dedicated hosting plan. Once you have selected us to serve yourself, you are in the right hands and need to waive off all your troubles and worries about the service quality that you are going to get, because you are unquestionably about to get the best service in town!


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