Sport Surfaces For Roller Hockey And Other Roller Sports by Jeff Gearheart

Roller Hockey is a fun sport and a great alternative to Ice Hockey during the summer, and in regions that do not get freezing temperatures to provide frozen outdoor playing surfaces. Some communities have public facilities that are designated for roller sports like inline hockey and skateboarding. There are even roller hockey leagues in many areas of the U.S and other countries.

There are only a few surfacing options when it comes to roller hockey. The ideal playing surface must be smooth to allow the puck to glide across the surface. Rough surfaces can also cause premature wear of the skate wheels. Asphalt and Concrete are commonly used, but they still lack the desired level of smoothness. Tennis and basketball surfaces are also textured, so they are not the answer either.

Since the 1990s, some manufacturers of acrylic sport surfaces have been producing specialty surfaces for roller hockey, skateboarding, and other multi-use recreational areas. These coating systems are made from more durable acrylic resins that can stand up to the abuse of roller sports. Unlike other sports surfaces, these coatings are not mixed with silica sand so the playing surfaces are customized for roller blades, skateboard wheels, and pucks. Skate coating systems are generally acrylic based, and available in multiple colors. The most common surface colors for inline hockey are ice blue and gray, with red, white, and blue lines.

Not only do acrylic sport surfacing systems provide ideal playing conditions, but they also act as a high-quality pavement sealer. The coating systems protect the pavement from suns ultraviolet rays, moisture, and other environmental enemies. This is a great way to extend the life of your facility and protect your investment for years to come.

Very little maintenance is required on acrylic roller hockey surfaces. General cleaning with brooms, blowers, and pressure washers to remove debris will prevent excessive abrasion and surface wear. When using a pressure washer, make sure not to exceed 70 p.s.i. or surface damage could occur. Should cracks appear in the pavement, acrylic crack sealants and patching products are available to repair the surface.

Acrylic skate systems can be used on indoor or outdoor skating rinks, in any climate in the world. If you would like to find out more about acrylic roller hockey surfacing systems, search the internet for an acrylic roller hockey surface manufacturer. They can also help you locate installers to provide free estimates for surfacing or construction of a roller hockey rink.