one minute

one minute

just one minute , 

i think i need a huge ,

for some strength ,

or maybe some courage ..


for one minute , 

i think i need someone ,

who loves me ,

can take a good care

towards me ,

make me cheerful one

again .


but .. there's no Harry Potter 

who can purchase me magic ,

return to the past ,

and appreciate what goes

on ,

no Lee Min Ho who fought 

for his love ,

Guem Jan Di


please ! every second in this house ,

full of suffer ,

every moment

you heard my voice , crying

but , none of them hear

all my speech ,

unless they laugh and punch me 


thats why

i want to success !

i can run away from house ..

ican change my fate !

not in that house .



honestly , im jealous 

with all of you ,

yes , you especially 

the one who happy with 

your family ,

living in that house peacefully ,

except me 

who just maid , 

yes , my mother

sister and brother ,

all of them 

how could they call me like that ..


hey , not a joke !

im really dissappointed ..

but i really love them

with whole of my heart

only them who does not appreciate

me .

for now

i dialed 939 to treat my suffer

for every day i just wait and pray ,

yes , Allah is The Most Fair


Guem Jan Di is a tough girl ,

and so do i ,


Harry Potter never give up to help Dumbledore ,

and i ,

am never give up onto my ambition !!