QM150DY-H Power Transistor Module - Types of Mitsubishi Semiconductor Devices

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QM150DY-H is one of the perfect types of semiconductors to upgrade your servo drives. Manufactured by Mitsubishi, a well-trusted company around the globe, QM150DY-H is a high power transistor module designed to boost the performance of high switching applications like your servo drives. With a super light weight of 0.65 lbs., this transistor module generates a collector emitter voltage of 600V and a collector current of 150A!


Mitsubishi QM150DY-H is designed to be insulated to ensure enhanced electrical isolation of adjacent devices. It has a sturdy module construction that not only improves its efficiency but its reliability to last for a long time as well!


With both high efficiency and reliability combined, QM150DY-H is truly cost-efficient and investing on this module is definitely worth it.


Got any forklifts, welding machines or golf carts? QM150DY-H also works best on these applications!