School Violence Put Into Perspective

Those who download True Blood will agree to the fact that the series has always had its fair share of violence, but recently that violence and bloodshed has also been accompanied by sexuality. For further proof that markets do not care particularly about civic turmoil for its own sake, consider last week's performance. One good aspect of these movies is ultimate victory of heroes and good people.

It is not just about sexuality and violence but it is also about the world where innocents are brutally killed by the pitiless people. It may seem steady for a time, even a long time, but eventually the forces beneath become too great and something violently ruptures. However, Indian and Hollywood movies show considerable violence. Kids from school often take this opportunity to fight or bully each other, and children also become more susceptible to muggings and other crime.

It is important for the society to understand the fact that the creators have specially designed this blood and violence filled series to PTSD & violence awaken to the ills prevalent all around it. Social stability, paradoxically, comes from democracy, which gives people a way to peacefully change a society without tearing it apart. " Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report, Aug. Pakistan News-Pakistan Articles on Social Articles.