Life after buying your Property For Sale in Curacao

Once you have found your PROPERTY FOR SALE IN CURACAO and you are about to re-locate to your new life, you will probably want to learn more about what island life will be like, what is on offer, information about work and schooling, as it will be a daunting time when first arriving and not knowing what to expect. When you decide to make the move to Curacao, it was probably a decision based on the beauty and the peacefulness of the Island, and it is a very welcoming island and will keep you entertained every day with new activities and new things to discover, obviously there are the beautiful beaches and stunning scenery and the activities include diving , yachting, and many many more.

Making a big move anywhere will be stressful enough, so it is a good idea to check out the practical side of living on the Island of Curacao, to live on Curacao all non-dutch foreigners will need to have a residency permit which needs to be applied for and obtained before the person can live on the island, for all foreigners who wish to work on Curacao a work permit will need to be obtained and there are also a certain number of documents which an employer would request to see this applies whether working for themselves for their own company or working for an organization on the island. It is possible to enter Curacao as soon as the work and residency permits have been granted, and in the case that it is a full family move; documentation can be produced as proof so then a family residency permit will be granted. For non-dutch nationals it is forbidden for the spouse or children of a person who is employed on a contract basis to work, however if an employer wants to employ someone then they can apply for the work permit. Taking pets to Curacao is fine as long as the pet has a valid health certificate which has been issued by a vet in the originating country there also need to be a proof that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies and this needs to be issued 1 month before departure and when traveling the animal needs to be in a kennel.

When you finally move into the PROPERTY FOR SALE IN CURACAO which you found, the children will need to know about the schools. Education on the island is good and there are many private and public schools for children to attend, public schools are free and attendance is required, the educational system in Curacao is based on the dutch system and the schools there meet a high standard which applies to all the schools and colleges etc in the Netherlands the language taught in the schools is Papiamento when they first start then as they reach around 8 years old, the language is then changed to dutch. The system in Curacao is a very good one and there are lots of opportunities for children to do very well. The International School of Curacao is a good example of the high standards of education that can be expected on Curacao, the school educates students from all different and diverse cultures and the school teaches life skills as well as curriculum structured education the school bases its style on the US standards and teaches a high quality English education.