USB Flight Sim Throttle Quadrant

Goflight click here TQ6 - Programmed for Flying

Flying is certainly enjoyable, and the TQ6 is a throttle quadrant module which is completely programmable to meet what ever discipline of flying you most appreciate.

For some customers, it may take few flights with it before starting to get some command of the large plane but the GF-TQ6 will give the feeling of flying a large jet...grabbing a hand full of throttle levers and shoving all 4 of them forward for takeoff is pretty a rush.

As time passed, the sophistication of the numerous flight simulator software titles evolved from just 1 aircraft and a couple of airports to any aircraft 1 could envision and an whole globe full of airports with tons of eye candy to look at whilst flying from point A to point B. These days, flight simulator enthusiasts have numerous numerous software program platforms to choose from when it comes to setting up their flight simulator.

If you are flying virtual jets, you are going to want to choose up another throttle, which can then be connected with every other, and operate that way. We believe you should have a fantastic truly feel on the controls, and a lot of practice hand-flying. Unless you are flying an Airbus or a helicopter, you need to have yoke.

The GF-TQ6 is fantastic enjoyable to use and significantly adds to the realism of flying multi-engine aircraft. With the optional set of additional levers it can be setup to deal with the majority of aircraft kinds accurately, whether or not flying with 1, 2, three or 4 engines.