Best NGO in Noida | Education | Health

Best NGO in Noida | Education | Health

The LDAFoundation in Noida is dedicated to provide an education that is filled with care, support and independence that will enable the children to become better people.The purpose of NGOs is noteworthy for the fact that they become a big source for implementation of various laws and rights that get approved in the Central level. These NGOs are in fact countering many critical issues like poverty, hunger and malnutrition at the grass root level.LDAFoundation aims to feed 5 million children by 2020 and for that it is strategically spreading its reach in other parts of the country too.LDA Foundation is a non-governmental organization. Since NGOs are actual non-profit organizations, various projects can be achieved without having to use the government money.We are dedicated to help needy peoples.NGO can bring awareness among these people about leading a better life.LDA Foundation always provides health support for Poor child, Old Age-assistance Person, Cancer Patient in All over India. 

Our Location:-

Address - Brahamrishi Saubhari Ashram ,

Ramanreti Vrindavan.

Phone: +91-9599474705

E-mail: [email protected]

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