CM200DY-24H IGBT Transistor - Mitsubishi High Power Electronics Module

Increase the power of your UPS with Mitsubishi CM200DY-24H! Order yours now at - an IGBT transistor modules distributor, and feel the difference that CM200DY-24H can make.


Do not underestimate the power of this feather-weight transistor module, as it can produce tremendous power of up to 1200V or 200A at only 0.88lbs.


CM200DY-24H has modules where each contains two IGBT transistors individually having a very unique and robust fast recovery freewheeling diode, eliminating flybacks or voltage spikes that may occur during induction loading. The interconnects and components of this transistor module are secluded from a heat sinking base plate, which makes it less complex with better thermal management.


CM200DY-24H also has low drive power and low VCE(sat) to enable the best functionality of the UPS. It is apt for high frequency operation which can range between 20 and 25 kHz.

Manufactured by Mitsubishi, CM200DY-24H is indeed a high quality flexible transistor module that also works best with other applications, such as AC and DC motor drives, welding machines and laser power supplies.