Looking For A Granite Worktop Supplier In London?

Looking For A Granite Worktop Supplier In London?

While I was looking for a good granite supplier in London for my kitchen renovation; I realised how easy it is for someone like me to fall prey to fabricators and middlemen present in the market. By someone like me I mean the people who have little to no knowledge about the granite industry or those who have taken renovation projects for the first time.


With the help of my recent experiences, I have compiled here a list of some of the things a new home maker needs to keep in mind and look out for while on worktop supplier hunt.


  • Choose someone with experience- Someone who has substantial experience of working in the field of stone worktops would most definitely have the required skills and talents needed. Amateur suppliers, even if equipped with latest technology machines usually lack the expertise and dexterity that comes with years of working and fulfilling orders. Moreover you can also ask them about their previous project testimonials and decide for yourself after seeing their work whether they are capable of delivering your quality standard requirements.
  • Ask around- It would be wise to ask for recommendations from your friends, family members or acquaintances who have recently installed a granite worktop in London before deciding on any supplier. Remember, a recommendation holds more value than 10 reviews combined together.


Don’t hesitate to contact the big shot companies in fear of huge bills as there is hardly much price difference in quality granite slabs among good suppliers and choose your granite only after referring to a sample piece.


Hope you would take care of these things while selecting your supplier and wouldn’t have to face such difficulties as I went through, because of my lack of knowledge.