Rummy VS Poker

Rummy and Poker are two of the most popular card games, with lots of contrasting features.

Though rummy have a lesser impact on the players, if we compare it with poker, but still it gives quite a tough competition to its competitor (Poker).

Rummy might deal with a little gambling, but it is not a deep-dyed gambling game. Rummy is basically a game of skill that has the capacity to enhance and initiates the memory units of the brain to work smoothly. Since the rules for the gambling games as per the law are also not applicable on this particular game, thus it has been accepted worldwide as a legal game.

Though there are some similarities, but if we compare then there are more differences between those games.

Some of the similarities are as follows:

·         Both of the games are usually played for gambling purpose.

·         In both of the games, it is required to organize the cards in sets or sequences to declare the show.

·         Etc

And now coming on the comparisons, there are a lot of differences between those games, they are as follows:

·         Rummy was originated in the middle of 18th century, and is said to be the modified form of its ancestral card game called “Conquian” a Mexican game. Whereas Poker is said to be originated in the beginning of 20th century, somewhere in the United States.

·         If we maintain a close look on the game play of rummy, then we can see that it requires more skill power than the luck. Whereas if we see the game play of Poker then we can see that the betting strategies and luck has more priority.

·         Rummy is most probably played in clubs. Whereas the Poker game is usually played in casinos.

Though Poker have got a huge media coverage globally than that of the Rummy game, but still if we see, then Rummy has its roots more stronger than Poker specially in Indian Region.

Now days, for earning more money, people are turning towards the poker game, no doubt that it is a beautiful game as well, that not only improve our skills and strategies, but also gives us a chance to win real cash. But in this poker crowd, how can we forget our rummy game that may not have originated from India but still it has deeply rooted itself in India.

Rummy is a game of skills, that might just need a little re-polish to be back again with a bang.