Home Improvement :: How to make your stone floor life longer

Having a stone floor at home - either with tiles, mosaics or marble - is a fantastic choice for sleek, impressive and luxurious interior. Though, wherever your floor is covered with natural material - you will need to be extra cautious and willing to give wonderful cares. The proper approach into floor cleaning will keep the surface hygienic, safe and stylish. Though, you will need to use the really suitable detergents and the suitable manners into floor treatment. Thus, you will make your stone floor life longer.

What you have to do at first is to consider whether you are ready to invest enough time in floor maintenance. If you do not have such, better look for a reliable cleaning company London to handle it house cleaning melbourne instead of you. Abandoning stone floor even for few months is a top mistake you can do. Because a week without sanitizing it can make your floor damaged and full of stains that with time will become harder and harder to be removed.

Speaking of professional support for your floor, do not miss to try stone polishing Sutton. This procedure removes the upper layer of the floor - the one that is ruined. As a result of this, the floor becomes sleek and shiny again. You can take benefits of this procedure at least http://photobucket.com/images/cleaning#! once per half an year.

When you choose a cleaning detergent, purchase something without abrasive components, because they are too drastic for natural stone materials. Also, make sure your floor will get the necessary disinfection, because the gaps get full of germs all the time. Look for a mild product that has no bleach, either.

Still, the most efficient and risk-free way to clean the stone floor at home is using ordinary hot water. Water is 100% safe in general for all types of floor materials, while the hot temperature kills the germs and spots at once. Though, use some soft cloth or sponge, but forget about wire tools like those you wash the dishes with. A toothbrush is also a good idea!

Finally, be aware that too ordinary stone floor cleaning is not ok, either. The best formula is to rinse and refresh the floor once in a week and to provide it stone polishing Battersea per season.