Caesarean bring six major hazards to their children

1.Caesarean baby lower immunity

Similarly caesarean section, the baby's immune system is more likely than girls drop. Caesarean really have different effects on different gender baby it?

Obstetricians extraction of 63 newly born baby girl and 69 boy's blood, which will compare immune globulin. 68 cases in which the natural childbirth, cesarean section 64 cases. Studies have shown that the difference between boys and girls immunity little natural childbirth; Compared with natural childbirth,air max Caesarean immunity and resistance to infection of newborns is relatively poor, This phenomenon in the baby was more prominent.

Experts explained that the gene controlling the synthesis of immunoglobulins (mainly used to increase the body's immune system), Located in the human X chromosome, This chromosome while women one more than men, Thus, the child's immune system is stronger than boys.

2.Caesarean babies susceptible to ADHD

Many pregnant women are keen on the choice of caesarean section, News about ADHD hospital outgoing concern: ADHD children seeking treatment at the crowd, sectional complex production accounted for eighty percent of the children.

According to expert analysis, caesarean section due to changes in the birth canal, so that the "environment" come alive when children change, Normal birth canal caused by the production process and other sensory nerve damage in contact, So that children grow up much more easy to move and other neuropsychiatric disorders. Experts advise people not to blindly choose a caesarean section, But also the correct treatment of ADHD children, Pay close attention to the treatment, understanding "Ring habit" ADHD-like - like changed.

3. Caesarean children ability to adapt is poor air max 90

Many people believe that children are smarter caesarean section than vaginal birth born child. On the grounds that the child is not squeezing operative delivery, It does not appear the case of brain ischemia injury. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

During normal childbirth, although the fetal head will be squeezed, but after a couple of days to return to normal. The fetus is also under pressure to strengthen the circulation of blood to the brain stimulation, Provide more material foundation for brain respiratory center, easy to stimulate breathing after birth and quack crying.

4. Caesarean make "wet lung syndrome" baby increase

Over the past five years, suffering from the "wet lung syndrome" of newborn babies admitted to the intensive care unit doubling, The results showed that over Qicheng patients were born by caesarean section, The mother and caesarean section without labor pains, or prematurely born babies have a higher risk of developing severe wet lung disease,air max schweiz can lead to death. The doctor appealed to pregnant women should be the first choice of natural childbirth birth canal, Avoid personal preference or convenience and caesarean section, otherwise it will affect the health of babies.

5.Anesthesia impact on the baby's

Almost all of anesthetics and analgesics to the central nervous system are inhibited, They are easier to pass the placental barrier and into the fetus. Narcotic drugs affect the fetus in two ways, That is direct inhibition of fetal breathing, circulation center, or indirect impact on the fetus by inhibiting maternal respiratory cycle. Excess anesthetic or surgery due to respiratory depression occurs mom hypoxemia, Discharge will affect the baby's oxygen supply and metabolic waste, Direct threat to the safety of the baby's life. Therefore, the choice of cesarean section anesthesia, Doctors must carefully consider the type, dose, timing and method of medication, To prevent the direct or indirect adverse effects on the fetus.