An old man

There was an old man who lived in a hilly region.He had two sons and a daughter, a wife.The name of his elder son was Dettu and the name of his younger son was Serty and the name of his daughter and wife was Zareena and Angel.His elder son was an honest person while his younger son was not honest.His daughter was most beautiful like ice. One day at midnight he saw a dream.He saw in that dream that he had found himself as the king of Persia.He had a very big army and also the army of animals.Suddenly a powerful storm came in his kingdom.His whole kingdom and army faced from this storm.After few months he again set up his kingdom.And morning start to come.He woke up.He washed his mouth took breakfast.He said to his brother,"Will you go with me on a journey?"His brother agreed with him.But his father and mother didnot want that his sons covered this journey.After some time they started their journey.They pass out from many forests , lakes and ponds.They also faced from fearful animals.After some days they reached in a village , Deejokm.They stayed there.This was not a village but also it was the village which was made by monasters