Applications of Mitsubishi FM400TU-2A Power Mosfet Module

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At only 1.32 lbs, Mitsubishi FM400TU-2A, which is mainly designed for high power switching applications, can produce energy level of up to 200A and 100V. This power mosfet module features low ESW and low RDS and armed with the robust and super fast recovery freewheeling diode to reduce, if not eliminate sudden voltage spikes, orflybacks.


As FM400TU-2A possesses a thermistor used for TC sensing, during sudden temperature changes, the device can now allow a huge, exact and predictable change on the electrical resistance. Another extraordinary applications of mosfet FM400TU-2A is its parallel legs, making it three times faster than the regular rating. This, along with positive locking connectors, and a simple, smooth and robust design, makes the device significant in improving the performance of your forklifts.  What’s more, other applications such as off road electrical vehicles, choppers, UPS and even welding machines can get the outstanding benefits of FM400TU-2A.