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Right about now St. Valentines Day is terrifying not-so-single men who have no clue what to give their significant others. For the ones who are planning to propose to their partners, the hunt is one for affordable engagement rings. Most couples love to give and receive diamond engagement rings. Ever since De Beers launched their successful campaign into our collective global cultures, we have forgotten what our ancestors gave their affianced brides.

Diamond rings have become the essential symbol of an engagement. We watch out for celebrity engagement rings, pin it up on our virtual boards, looking for similar styles and designs. Even though the couple has decided to get married without all the hoop-la, very often peer pressure or both the families pressurize the man and woman to ahead and get engaged officially. This means that the couples go hunting for that perfect rock-too small and the man feels stingy, too big and everyone thinks the couples showing off.

Trying to shop for affordable engagement rings is both a joy and litmus test for a couples relationship. The girl, most likely has been dreaming of this day and ring on the THAT finger for most of her life. The guy is probably sweating since hes never done this before and doesnt want to be cheated by fakes. Research shows that couples shopping online tend to buy small bridal jewelry than men who shop alone. Men shopping alone for bridal jewelry tend to look for the technical stuff like color cut clarity and carat. They want more value for money, while unsurprisingly; a percentage of women will choose design over a stones quality.

A rule of thumb to follow while shopping for affordable engagement rings is to go for quality, and make sure you have a certificate to go with the diamond. This is to ensure that you dont get fakes masquerading as genuine high quality diamonds. If you really want to then go in for man-made or synthetic diamond engagement rings. Theyre much cheaper most people will not know the difference.

Man-made diamonds and gem-stones are cheaper and are available in an array of colors. With latest trends for candy-colored diamonds and gemstones, man-made synthetic diamond rings are a cheap and easy option. Stackable bridal jewelry is the latest trend as well, so keep in mind that your engagement ring has to match your wedding band. Most jewelry online stores offer matching bridal jewelry that can be worn together.

The importance of wearing stackable engagement and wedding bands isnt just about matching finger ring bling, but also comfort. Its a fair assumption that bridal jewelry will be worn constantly 24/7 throughout a womans married life. Look for popular styles and designs and ensure that the stone will be in a secure and durable setting that can rough it out in any condition, without falling off. Spending some thought on the quality of the stones, settings of the rings will be worthwhile as it expected to be an heirloom.

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