What are The Best Lenses for Wedding Photography?


In most weddings, you will find a wedding photographer getting snapshot of the location, the couple and the attendees. This wedding photographer plays an important role in making the wedding triumphant and remarkable. The couple and their guests will surely be on the lookout for their faces in the pics taken by the photographer’s camera.


A photographer must have a camera that he can count on when covering a wedding. Apart from a reliable camera, a wedding photographer also needs some lenses to go with the camera. The lenses ought to be suitable for the wedding party so that brilliant pictures will come out.

You can find plenty of camera lenses already in the market today. Most lenses will only be compatible with cams made by the very same company. For weddings, you will find lenses that wedding photographers should consider buying.


Here are several steps to guide wedding photographers on exactly what lenses to get.


1.    Look for a lens that can perform well in low light.
A lot of indoor receptions have low light and this can affect the quality of the pics taken. The images might be dark and blurry. It is thus important to search for a camera lens that can perform well in low light.


2.    A camera lens with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) feature.
A lens with IOS can help bring stability to the image. It can make a photo look clear even when the subject is in motion.


3.    Macro lens are helpful in snapping pics of wedding items
Marco lens are great in catching details of the wedding dress, the wedding ring, shoes, invitation and other important wedding items.


4.    Wide angle lens for group shots
Wide angle lens is ideally suited for in shooting family or group shots. It can cover a wider space thus making it achievable to capture plenty in one shot.


5.    Prime lens is a must have for wedding photographers
Prime lens is still one of the must-have lenses of a wedding photographer. A prime lens is light and portable but offers high quality photos. It also functions well in low light.


Do a research first on what lenses to purchase and pick the most important ones based primarily on your style and preference. Practice using your camera and lens so you can surely take amazing pictures during the weddings.