The advantages of self drilling anchor bar

Compared with conventional bolts,the Self drilling anchor bar has the following advantages:
1.Applicable to all types of soil, especially in the silty soil and sandy soil that are difficult construction by conventional technology;
2.Bolt length is not restricted, due to the existing limit of anchor materials and drilling equipment, conventional bolt length is 12-15m, but self drilling anchor bar due to drilling resistance, drilling depth can be much bigger;
3.Suitable for narrow space construction, the drill bolt joint rod body length can be according to the need to increase or decrease, the general 1.00m-1.75m, lengthen using joint between rod body; using the joint between the rod freely extended;
4.Simple process. The drilling, grouting, anchoring drilling completed in a disposable self-drilling anchors, simplify the process, speed up the construction speed;
5.Conducive to stability of hole wall, while drill drilling supply water/cement ratio of 0.4-0.5 neat cement grout to make it quickly absorbed by the wall layer curing, ensure the hole wall stability.