Challenging between yan value OPPO R7 in contrast to iPhone 6

  IPhone 6 is also used the development of all metal fuselage design, is 2.5 D display, in evaluation to OPPO R7, more rounded. OPPO R7 front-facing digital camera to 8 million p, the receiver and the signal into a formed design, the iPhone 6 front part side cameras or maintain 1.2 million p.

Effect OPPO cellphone the feeling that gives a individual is always authentic and fresh and design, without knowing the item also have ten years, R7 is OPPO eslite ten years. Apple's iPhone series needless to say, the overall look of design, has been forced to finish. When the OPPO R7 the the the apple organization meizucompany iPhone, 6 even without attention incident, it will be a fight about yan value.
 Talking about of yan value, of course, have to see the overall look. OPPO R7 the inspiration for the instrument, it represents finish metal unibody design, the fuselage after 48 process, keep feeling excellentmeizu mx4 pro. It USES a 2.5 D 5 inches extensive wide display, and a 4.7 -inch iPhone 6, even side little women can easily management.