Jindabyne Accommodation

Jindabyne Accommodation

Jindabyne Accommodation is self-contained and very affordable holiday apartments. Accommodation ranges in size from a small to five bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. The units are maintained very cleanly, spacious, and equipped with needful things for your holiday. The private have outdoor balconies for the beautiful view. Online booking is also available.

Snowy Mountains Accommodation

Snowy Mountains Accommodation has a variety of 7 self-contained apartments with outstanding lake and mountain views. The private also have gas bbqs and some have steps leading to a grassy area out the front. From Snowy Mountains Accommodation   you can see breathtaking views, floor to ceiling windows, open plan living. Fully equipped kitchen, gas heating and large stone fireplace are also available in the private houses.


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Exposed aggregate concrete driveways

Exposed aggregate driveways

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