Flour and Rice packaging are best solution in packaging industry

Flour and Rice packaging are best solution in packaging industry

The packaging is essential in preventing the products from being damaged until the commodities are finally sent to customer. The packaging is important when it comes to food protection, because the food products are easier to be damaged from outside force and they will spoil if not be preserved. Flour packaging (Emballages De Farine) and Rice packaging (Emballages De Riz) are best solution in packaging industry for packaging different products.


Flour is a powder obtained by molding and grinding seeds and other solid products. It is the basis for production of pancakes, pasta, breads, pastries and many prepared foods. Flour packaging designed using different plastic material. These packaging are waterproof and can be designed in various forms of packaging are that:

  •    Plastic bags,
  •    Gusset bags,
  •    Stand up pouches,
  •    Kraft bags with an aluminium layer

The features are added in this flour packaging(Emballages De Farine) bags are:

  •    Transparent window ,
  •     Zipper,
  •    Euro slot,
  •    Hang hole,
  •    Tear notches,
  •    Degassing valve

Flour packaging is available with unique and innovative design, which is an effective marketing tool for fascinating the consumers towards the products. These packaging is biodegradable and recyclable.


Rice is a most sensitive product and need the correct packaging to ensure that the products are preserved and protected. So Rice packaging(Emballages De Riz) is best solution for various rice products. It is useful for promoting the products and brands. The materials are included in this packaging are LLDP, BOPP, MET, PPE and PE. This packaging is improving product protection, shipping and shelf life. And also environment friendly and re usable. Additional features like Euro slots, Hanging holes, Degassing valves, Tear notch, Re-sealable zip closure, transparent window are added in this packaging.

This packaging including aluminium foil or metallized layers within your rice packaging design which have high barrier properties, , ensuring product’s freshness and also enhance the shelf life of the rice products. Rotogravure technique is used which allows to print up to 9 colours.

Rice packaging bags are made with three main kinds of finishing like gloss, matt and shiny. Various combinations of plastic materials in the process of production of rice wrappers to ensure the highest quality flexible packaging. And also provide popular rice bags styles including stand up pouches, side gusset basg, pillow pouches and flat bottom bags.