Creating Free Websites To generate money Online

Building a website can be a stressful thought for someone new to trying to develop a home based online business and it is enough to scare most people away.

Creating free websites to earn money online can ease the worries and allow people to become confident with the content creation side of a website without having to worry about the design and development of the site itself.
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These days there are plenty of places that offer free of charge "plug and play" style sites where you can be creative with where you can place text, pictures and even video without having to concern yourself with any kind of coding.

Sites like HubPages, Squidoo, Weebly and Blogger offer very easy to use templates that you can learn to build sites and be more creative with design as you get more comfortable.
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These sites function very much like making a WordPress blog plus it helps people get their feet wet while being able to integrate some nice affiliate programs like AdSense, Ebay and amazon to monetize sites and start making money online.

As with any form of website, there are things individuals need to learn to integrate even on free websites to get a chance of getting people to visit their free site.

A lot of the free website creation sites have integrated social media so you can share your new sites with friend on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ as well as Pinterest.

When I first started building websites online the free website offerings were nowhere near where they may be today and you just about had to know some type of HTML coding to have a potential for creating a decent looking website.

Tasks like adding pictures was much more difficult than it is today and video was something we'd not even dreamed of integrating right into a free website.

In the past websites were kind of a static page or pages with some pictures and a couple of words.

Today, even beginners will make totally interactive websites that seem to be way better than anything I was able to create A decade ago and with significantly less effort.

If you have played with trying to make some cash online or create a home based online business, take a look at some of these awesome methods for creating free websites to generate money online.

If nothing else it's going to allow you to get a feel for how website creation works along with test out ways to make money online and see what works for you personally.