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Saitek Pro flight rudder pedal has wider foot placement, tension manage and adjustable foot pads

In flight, it is regular practise to rest your heels on the floor and apply rudder using your toes, this is to decrease the heavy foot forces and make your controls a lot more sensitive. Most flight sim fans adore Saitek pro flight rudder pedal because it has a wider foot placement, tension control, as nicely as adjustable foot pads. Moreover, there is also the foot plate for higher manage when using read more the rudder axis.

Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals review

Beside the pedals themselves, the box also holds an additional metal footplate, that can be attached to the pedals if preferred, a CD with the drivers and software, a printed quick-start-guide and 2 Velcro strips so attach on the pedals and the floor.

The Rudder Pedals have 3 axes, 1 for the rudder and two foot pedal axes that are used for the toe brakes. Solidly constructed three-axis pedals maximise flight sim realism by enabling foot manage of the rudder function.