surgical instrument sterilization

medical cleaning stations - Pre-Cleaning key to appropriate Medical instrument Cleaning

Present aseptic processing department (SPD) sinks really are a poor compromise for device cleaning. There is a good reason why: they are not made for surgical instrument reprocessing whatsoever. They may truly be eatery kitchen sinks used as device decontamination stations. These deep sinks are formed to accept big cooking pots along with cooking implements that were smaller. Likewise they are often used in SPDs, to clean items that were quite large together with little ones. This might be considered a worst-case way for surgical instruments.

After years of watching thousands of gallons of unused chemicals and water disappear, witnessing expensive devices and screws dribble through outsize drains, and experiencing back pain from declining over deep restaurant-style sink bowls, sterile processing technicians tend to be significantly more than ready for a brand new and far better solution to perform manual cleaning processes.

{Enter the Pure Station system