As far as I know, being its a phone

Yes it does, if its new and not Refurbished as far as I know. Purchased this new, and it does have a full 1 Year warranty from LG that covers Parts and Labor.As far as I know, being its a phone, it doesn't qualify for their Extended Replacement/Warranty plan, at least the option meizu mx3 review never showed up for a category when I attempted to buy one, mostly Appliances, and things like that.As to finding out, if you have the owners Manual, its right in there. Otherwise, signing up at LG's website and registering with your product is how you also find out.Both Parts and Labor are 1 Year from Purchase Date. Amazon send me a dvd inside the box!!!!

I rooted mine very easily with Click on the lambda symbol to download the apk then install it on the phone (unknown sources must be allowed) and then run it. After rooting, get SuperSU apk from Google PlayStore. PC mag says that you have to be running the KitKat iteration of the Android OS (4.4+) to use towelroot (,2817,2459892,00.asp). Did you upgrade to KitKat before rooting? I use it on Family Mobile, it will work on METRO PCS as well.

It's unlocked so most other networks that also is sim cards. Just need the APN to your network. Find it on Google.  metro is owned by tmobile, yes you can use it so long as the phone is unocked....Both Parts and Labor are 1 Year from Purchase Date.Amazon send me a dvd inside the box!!!!I believe it was refurbished.Either way it is a great phone.Not sure about the warrantyIt is not brand new, but it does look like it just came out of the box.  If there are any internal malfunctions (excluding cosmetic damages), it will be covered under a 60 day warranty for repair.Yes it's new and has 1 year manufacture warranty.