MIG30J103H IGBT Transistor Module from Toshiba

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MIG30J103H is one of the best Toshiba transistor modules in improving the performance of permanent magnet synchronous motors. MIG30J103H is an IGBT transistor module mainly designed for high power switching applications. Weighing only 0.18 lbs., it can produce power of up to 30A or 400V.


Toshiba MIG30J103H is composed of extraordinary circuits that work as detectors, protectors and status indicators to overheating, under voltage, over current and short circuiting. It has a complete drive containing control and protection logic circuit.


MIG30J103H also has low saturation voltage to ensure that current rating wont deteriorate when operating on a higher voltage. Most importantly, it has overcurrent limiting function, three times faster than the rated current!