How To Stop Automatic Sperm Ejaculation During Sleep?


Many young males ejaculate sperm automatically during sleep without their knowledge. Automatic ejaculation of sperm up to 3 times a week is not a problem. It is a natural process to emit old semen from the body and make room for new semen. Excessive release of sperms during sleep affects your capability to impregnate a lady and own a child. You may also suffer from side effects like back pain, poor vision and fatigue. Males experiencing frequent semen loss during sleep need to seek herbal remedies to stop automatic sperm ejaculation.

Bioactive compounds rich herbal remedies like NF Cure capsule helps to control secretion of testosterone. It helps to stop automatic sperm ejaculation. Most of the testosterone is produced in Leydig cells in your body. Secretion of testosterone is determined by lot of factors like growing age, genetic and environment. Stress is also responsible for lower testosterone levels in your body.

Increased testosterone is necessary for strengthening weak parasympathetic nerves and PC muscles. Strong nerves in reproductive organs help to stop automatic sperm ejaculation.

Enhanced levels of testosterone improve blood circulation and oxygen supply to the reproductive organs and nourishes and repairs damaged tissues. It helps to grab more blood during sexual arousal and causes harder and fuller erection to penetrate deeper into her and offer memorable sexual pleasure in bed. Heat is one of the reasons affecting the functioning of reproductive organs. You should ensure sufficient oxygen supply to the reproductive organs through wearing loose undergarments.

Regular use of NF Cure capsules also prevent excessive production of testosterone and prevent low sperm count. Potent herbs in this herbal pill ensure correct level of testosterone in your body. It improves your performance in bed. It is the best herbal remedy to stop automatic sperm ejaculation. Its key ingredients are shatavari, sudh shilajit, atimukyak, kesar, ashwagandha, bhedani, pipal, purushratan, haritaki, kavach beej, safed musli and dridranga.

All these ingredients play a vital role to repair and strengthen damaged tissues and nerves due to excessive self stimulation. It also provides essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals to improve stamina, strength, vitality, vigor and energy levels to prolong the love act and offer memorable sexual pleasure in bed. You need to consume this herbal pill daily two times with plain water to diffuse congestion in the prostate gland and prevent automatic release of sperm during sleep.

You are also advised not to watch online adult content. You should also stop erotic chats. You should read good books and can even sit in front of beautiful women and try to control emotions. It is the best way to reduce excessive release of semen during sleep. You are advised to take bath with cold water to get relief from stress.

Potent herbs in NF Cure capsules also relieves from anxiety and stress. You can also practice kegel exercises to control early ejaculation and automatic release of sperm. You are advised to practice exercises like yoga, running, side stretching etc daily. You should consume healthy diet. You can buy NF Cure capsules from reputed online stores using credit or debit card.


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